How to fix Cortana voice commands stopping

Make sure your device is connected to the internet using mobile data or Wi-Fi.
Go to a quiet place.
Speak more slowly and clearly.
Try a working headset with a microphone.
Repeat your tone command.

QUESTION Speech Acclaim will no longer load on a 7 PC. If I don’t disable UAC, I get an error: “C:\Windows\Speech\Common\sapisvr.exe. I would say that the server returned a recommendation. Again, according to my research on the internet, this is commona problem for which I can’t find a solution. A system restore and a full restore from a new temporary backup will resolve the issue until the next reboot. Remember any ideas? Harry ANSWERS yelling

helproom As you report, this problem is often reported, although solutions are rare, even on the Microsoft Support discussion forums. However, the Vista PC update will likely fix some Windows 7 PCs as the multiple platforms are very similar. Make sure your family card’s audio and microphone drivers are up to date. You can then create a batch file containing a series of queries – just double click on it and the computer will run the task. Before

Start, Control Panel, Folder Options, View and uncheck “Hide extensions for known layout types”. Right-click on the desktop and select New, Text Document. Name it “speech.txt” and double click to open it. Type a new Windows CD line for each of the following commands: c:cd\cd speechcd commonsapisvr -SpeechUX

Savefile as “speech.txt”, then close Notepad. Right-click on the file and select Rename as well, then change the new .txt extension to .cmd. Press Enter to confirm the change. Using the bulk of the file, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”. You may find it convenient to drag the file to the Windows taskbar for quick access.

An alternative solution is to run the Windows System File Checker. Click Start and type CMD in the search box. Press Enter. This command field is displayed in black, type sfc /checknow and press Enter. Windows checks all files on its platform and repairs any corrupt labels it finds.

If the problem persists, you may need to reinstall Windows.

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How do I get rid of Windows Speech Recognition?

Click “Start” and use “Settings”. Go to the “Privacy” section. Go to “Voice” and in the right pane slide the switch to enable the feature under “Online Speech Recognition”.

List of updates available for purchase from the Microsoft Store.

Why is my Windows Speech Recognition not working?

If that doesn’t work, be sure to turn on ‘Detection of special news on the web’. To do this, open the Settings app from the launcher, select Privacy, then click Language. Turn on Online Speech Recognition. Also check your microphone levels.

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