How to fix phone app not working on Windows 10


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The Windows 10 October 2018 Update brought a welcome addition in the form of the Your Phone app. You can send, receive and receive SMS messages without leaving your PC. Remote viewing of new photos taken with the camera of an Android smartphone is also impeccably implemented.

But, as is the case with some Windows apps, you may experience problems getting your phone to work properly, such as when speaking anddetails about connection.

If your entire family is having trouble connecting a new app to their phone after setting it up or trying to do something later, don’t worry. There are countless reasons, some of them quite trivial, that can prevent you from connecting to the cloud. So let’s take a look at two errors “Can’t connect to your phone” and “Check your phone” and see what you can do to keep these guys from bothering you all day.

Note. “Your Phone” refers to a specific app on your computer, while “Your Companion Phone” refers to an app on your mobile phone.

Error “Unable To Connect To Your Phone”

If you’re having trouble connecting, the Your Phone app on your PC will display a specific error message “Can’t connect to your phone”. Just browse the range below and you’ll be in touch right away.

Use The Same Microsoft Account

You must use the same Microsoft account on your phone’s mobile app.on that in the user’s Windows bank account. Otherwise, your computer will not be able to connect to your mobile phone.

To check if you’re signed in with a different ID for your phone after the initial setup, download the companion app for your phone, then tap the Settings icon.

How to repair Android system to normal?

Here are all the possible fixes you can try to get Android back to normal. Apart from fixes, factory reset, and booting into safe mode, if the problem persists, the best thing to do is perform a full Android system restore. And for that, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the best choice.

On the next screen, click And Accounts. You should see the Microsoft ID you signed in with.

If it’s different from what’s on your PC, click Sign Out, then sign in again using the correct credentials you used on your new PC.

You can also switch information in the phone software (on PC) instead. However, the workaround is quite cumbersome, as you typically unplug your devices and therefore have to go through the entire installation process from scratch.

Advice. On your Simply PC, click your profile in the start menu, then see Change your account settings to get your current Microsoft ID.

Connect To Wi-Fi

Are you connected to the Internet and do you buy cellular data on your smartphone? If so, you’ll need to switch to Wi-Fi in order to connect to the main Your Phone app, although in this situation it’s not necessary that you’re connected to the same hotspot that your computer is connected to. /p>

While this is quite annoying, the fact that your personal recent photos (maximum one in 25) can be accessed through the Your Phone app may be the reason Microsoft decided to remove this kind of restriction from introducing both power and cellular data . manager’s perspective. From

Enable Power Saving Mode

If you really like a portable Windows 10 process, the OS will automatically pause some processes to save power. Unfortunately, this can often prevent the Your Phone app from establishing a stable connection with your mobile phone after a while.

Consider turning off power saving mode to avoid this. This means that the energy saver tile will be linked to the notification center. If your program has really dried up, don’t forget to reactivate it later.

Enable Background Activity

Background activity settings built into system operation should take the same approach as battery saver mode, which disables the application for a long time on a large portable device. Therefore, the Your Phone app may not work properly if it is not running in the background.

To make sure this is not the case, from the Start menu, type “Background Applications” and then “Journalists”. During the displayed time period of the background app, make sure the toggle next to your phone is turned on.

Check Account System Status

How to fix desktop icon not showing up in Windows 10?

Press Windows Key + I to open it and click on Personalize. Scroll down in the Themes section if you need to choose desktop icon settings. Select the main item for which you never see an icon and click the Edit icon here to replace the website. If that doesn’t work, try clicking the “Restore Defaults” button on the existing screen more often. 5.

Another reason the app might not connect to your phone is due to hidden issues with some Windows 10 system account. However, youYou can check if this is the case and then use the built-in Windows 10 commands to any of them. these problems.

Open the Windows 10 Settings app for your smartphone, click System, then General Features. If there is a problem, there should always be a page under the “Accounts” chapter that says “Fix it now”. Click on it, then follow the instructions on the screen to solve the specific problem.

In the meantime, check if multi-device selling is enabled. On the Shared Experience screen, scroll a lot deeper and also make sure the Less Than Share Across Devices toggle is enabled. Otherwise enable this situation.

Battery Management On Huawei Devices

Even if you use a Huawei smartphone, it will not be able to connect to your PC situation after the initial setup. This is due to fortunate incompatibilities that are surprising in such devices with battery optimization features. However, you can certainlyYou can solve this problem by disabling powered battery management, especially for the Your Phone Companion app.

Note. The following procedure may be slightly different depending on your Huawei smartphone model, but it should be easy for you to follow.

In your Huawei device’s app settings, tap “Battery”, then tap “Battery usage” and then go to “Your Phone Companion”. Then click on all download options.

In the pop-up window that opens, uncheck the box next to Automatically manage yours

The PC and Huawei device should connect here without any practical problems.

That’s all the fixes for “Can’t connect to your phone” error. If you really understand this, consider completely ungrouping the units and then setting them to #1 from scratch. The ways to disconnect two devices mentioned below should help customers.

Error “Check Phone”

How to fix Android phone won’t turn on?

Step 1: After launching dr.fone on your computer, click the entire “System Restore” button in the incontinence treatment program. Now get USB drive and ads on your android device for all computers. Step 2: Click on the actual android recovery tab which is permanently present on the left. Then click on the “Start” button.

When you try to log in for the first time, your phone app on your precious PC may display a “Check your phone” message. But without a notification, you’re on the smartphone, which means you often can’t proceed until you say the notification (regarding access permissions) you get. The following fixes should help you resolve the issue.

Detailed Notices

In the smartphone-style On Your Phone Companion app, notifications must be enabled in order to receive them in the first place. To check if this is the cause of the problem, open the iPhone Your Phone Companion app on your PC, go to all settings and make sure the toggle next to Notifications is enabled.

How do I fix broken icons in Windows 10?

Here is the definitionHere is a way to fix one of them in Windows 10. One of the common “Still Windows” tasks we need to do right now is to reset the icon and thumbnail cache. If your icons are malicious in some way—blank, busy with another app, or not showing up normally—resetting the stellar cache might fix the problem.