How to Maximize Your Shopping Cart Usability

As e-commerce booms, the importance of using the greatest existing online software for shopping carts must never be underestimated. To succeed, an e-commerce system of shopping carts needs to maximize its design, usability and functionality because consumers usually search for convenient online shopping and tend to abandon websites where transactions cannot be done safely and quickly. Reliable shopping carts that efficiently manage the process of purchasing would be the secret to keeping customers loyal since they are most likely to look for alternative online suppliers if websites cause frustration.

The main basis of online solutions of shopping carts would be the written scripting language, which is usually in ASP or PHP. The latter is the most common kind since it is built with a scripting language that is easy to understand and highly versatile. Finding great hosting at low prices would also be easier with PHP carts since they are compatible with practically every server. On the other hand, ASP carts are made with Microsoft's programming language and are created to run solely on servers by Microsoft. Because of this, it would be harder to find cheap ASP cart hosting.

It would be essential to consider if your chosen online software for shopping carts is scalable. Customization and flexibility are both important, so carts can be changed to support the needs and growth of your personal online store. To compare shopping carts, storefront applications exist which provide numerous demo functions of shopping carts, which are great to find out which features, tools and options are important in offering user-friendly shopping experiences. If you know what to look out for when it comes to usability, your storefront cart will succeed. Here are several guidelines to maximize the usability:

  • Let users compare and add cart items before going to the steps for checkout. If your website asks customers to register personal information before they can add items to the cart, they will most likely leave to shop elsewhere.
  • Give customers livestock availability before they place products into the shopping cart to reduce wasted time on adding items which are not available at the moment.
  • Ensure that the cart's contents have clear pictures after they have been added. The design needs to be easy to view and simple with clear icons in the shopping cart.
  • Let users make changes with ease to their shopping cart items. Consumers usually decide to change colors or sizes of products after adding them into their shopping cart. Getting to make changes inside the cart will save both time and confusion.
  • Simplify every step in buying items by letting users save their shipping and billing information on your website. If return users can buy items with just several clicks, they will enjoy shopping with you.
  • Make suggestions after items have been added into the shopping cart. Advanced shopping carts can process customer purchase information and suggest complementary products.
  • Allow discount calculation with coupon codes and offer discounts based on the amount of items that customers buy.
  • Use shopping carts that can compute shipping costs, taxes and discount rates.
  • Use shopping carts that can offer sales information and data about traffic in order to improve your business online.


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