How to unlock a computer when it is locked


So anyone who has studied computer science knows the dreaded yellow screen of death. And this, unfortunately, should not be the only way to freeze the computer. There are many reasons why this site contains a number of practical tips for fixing these problems, which can range from minor annoyances to permanent frustrations.

Why Do Computers Freeze?

How do I fix my desktop computer?

Click the Windows Start menu icon.
Click the gear/settings icon.
Click Update Security &.
On the leftmost, click on the “Recovery” panel.
Under “This restarted, click the computer” “Start”.
Click “Keep all files” mine or “Delete”.
Then click.
follow the instructions and click Reset.

There can be many different reasons why computers get cold, but the most common reason is that the computer is overloaded in some way. you

When you think of the last hung computer, you probably mean its general immunity to your actions, such as typing, moving the exact cursor, etc. However, this does not mean that itbroken or blocked. However, it is likely that the overloaded processor is there and sometimes even stops overloading the system.

Of course, there are other explanations for a hung computer. You may have to with:

  • Components may start to overheat.
  • Program error
  • Driver corruption
  • computer virus
  • While you may not immediately understand why your computer is freezing, there are actually several ways to troubleshoot and detect the problem to stop it.

    How To Unfreeze Your Computer

    When troubleshooting why your computer starts very cold, with the most obvious solutions. Sometimes you may just need to charge your wireless mouse or keyboard, or maybe a simple hard reset will do.

    If all immediate solutions help, there aren’t a few solutions you can try ahead of time to fix potential problems with the software or product.

    1. Programs Ending In Task Manager

    1. Invoke Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
    2. Probably in see which applications and processes are running history at the moment.
    3. Pay attention to the amount of CPU and memory used.
    4. If the total is close to or just above 100%, some web apps require you to click the End Task button.
    5. This free measure increases memory and physical processor usage, which can exacerbate your computer’s freezing problem. If
    6. Alternatively, if only the program crashes, you can manually activate End Task and unfreeze the computer alone.

    2. Check Browser Extensions

    Browser extensions sometimes don’t work properly, which can cause your PC or browser to crash. In particular, Google Chrome can consume resources if you open too many tabs or use too many extensions. If this scenario is enlightened, it seems likely that it’s your hung internet and your current non-PC.

    1. In this case, try disabling all your extensions to see if that solves the problem.
    2. If so, include them one at a time to isolate them browser and extension causing the problem.
    3. Once you see the annoying uninstall extension, you can save yourself the headache of constantly freezing Spar.Solutions software.

    Software Is Defrosted On Every Computer

    If the solutions above don’t seem to work, the problem is with the application. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can try to resolve this issue. This includes system restore, reinstalling the latest drivers, and scanning your computer for malware and viruses.

    1. System Function

    System Restore Restore is a great feature, an important, albeit underused, feature of Windows 10. System Restore creates a snapshot of the computers you’re using at the present time to “restore” to the nearest date. In addition, zones are created whenever system changes are detected. It is very useful when installing driver update or system update for passenger and passfat goes wrong, or when you install the wrong app that terminate

    If you want to remove System Restore, you must first enable it manually. Here’s how:

    1. Open the start menu.
    2. First, search for “Create and click checkmark” recovery to open the system properties page.
    3. Under the detailed description of your hard drive, select “Security Settings”.
    4. Click the Customize button.
    5. Select Enable system protection.
    6. Click Apply.

    Once you have enabled this feature, you can download a System Restore of this one at any time.Consider this package saved before a practice game. If you accidentally mess up something and your computer freezes, you can always use the reliable preload.

    2. Recently Installed Drivers

    If System Restore did not solve your particular problem, you can reinstall your current drivers. Sometimes drivers are not updated properly and this can lead to problems including system crashes.


    1. Open devices from the taskbar or from the start menu.
    2. Right-click and select “Automatically search for updated driver software” software.
    3. Now you can write for your drivers (if necessary).

    If the above works, can you please remove the individual files and reinstall them automatically. This will possibly eliminate prompts from a recent operator installation.

    1. Open Device Manager.
    2. Right click on the problem in the vehicle and select Delete. Your
    3. restart your computer, Windows will force you to automatically reinstall the driver.

    3. Scan For Malware Suitable Software

    Malware is one of the most dangerous things when using a PC. Many PC users are unaware that their device contains malware. Over time, this can cause damage to their device, including freezing.

    Choosing Hardware For The Unfreeze Computer

    While software problems are the main cause of computer freezes, the culprit can bebe your equipment. Also, don’t feel like you have to upgrade immediately after making changes, as there may be steps you need to follow immediately. Add to that they check your hard drive for certain components that are not overheating and check your RAM.

    1. If You Are Energetic, Check Your Driving

    1. Go to My Computer.
    2. Right click the button to open the Properties tab.
    3. Click on the “Tools” tab. analysis
    4. Run an actual “Under review” error.

    2. Make Sure The New Components Don’t Overheat

    3.Memory Test

    1. Access diagnostics to the Windows Memory Tool from the start menu.
    2. This tool always restarts the computer and checks for almost all memory problems by running several tests.
    3. After the tests are completed.your computer will restart and display the test results.
    1. Press the BIOS key to select the manufacturer: F10, f2, F1, F12, or DEL.
    2. After you enter the BIOS, you can individually adjust the speed of the RAMto a lower value or activate an XMP profile that contains the recommended speed for your RAM. Returns


    There are a number of reasons why your computer may become cold. Before you think about really expensive upgrades, be aware that this can obviously involve troubleshooting various options to make sure you’ve exhausted the possible causes

    While the methods above cover a wide range of issues, in some cases it makes sense to take someone’s computer to a professional. So if hardware or software issues outweigh your debugging skills or desires, the Pro A might be a better fit.

    However, in most cases, you should be prepared to prevent your computer from freezing by following our simple methods.

    We will take a detailed look at you can unfreeze a computer in terms of software and hardware. Always

    Instead, the cause of a particular computer freezing lies in each faulty program gram. Luckily, Windows 10 makes it easy to close programs in the Task Manager.