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Here’s the story. I regularly downloaded a program called Dameon Tools Lite which allowed me to run disk images so I didn’t need the CD in the DVD drive. I haven’t used my DVD player much since then and didn’t even know it was broken until I bought a new meter a week ago. I tried to install the CD that came with my monitor and was able to see lights and hear sounds, which led me to believe everything was ok. However, autorun does not start, and every time you manually try to browse all CDs, the computer asks if you want to use the already inserted CD in the hard drive. (by the way, I have Vista)

After several days of surfing the net, it seems to me that the drivers, virtualinstalled with Daemon Tools messed up my computer and prevented us from using real DVD performance. I removed the programmed and all remote virtual drivers and uninstalled the real driver to install Shake. download After all the same does not work. I deleted the registry with the file and driver entries, still the same result. I don’t know if my DVD will break automatically. For now, I plan to go back to HD in the hope that everything works out. Besides, I could do with a little cleanup of Mars.

I’m not very good at pcrrrs. will This is the first collaboration with me. I had my old Red Der Washington computer – this is genius for me with my outdated computer. Since this is my first time, I wish you didn’t want to cover all mine and screw up the bases a bit. My appliances didn’t come with a Vista build disk and I deleted the recovery partition from my hard drive to make room. I really regret that now. But if I think my DVD drive is not working, can I erase data from my hard drive using a CD?

I’m planning toI got a Vista installation CD from one of my best friends. I have a license key and one on the box, so I think it might be a legitimate install. I hope only my DVD drive will be able to read the protected installation CD. shared

I have my En hd for 3 volumes. 65 gigabytes for a fresh install, 10 gigabytes for my important files and thus the other 230 is what my current perspective does. Will it really work? If that’s the case and it goes well, I’ll delete the 65 GB partition to format the larger one.

This is what I fear the most. I’m afraid that when I take care of the drive, all the necessary software, including all drivers, will be erased. When this happens, the whole house will collapse because a good computer is connected to the router. Then one of my buddies will whine, then I’ll hesitate to ask for help, and some of my older brothers won’t be too happy. In autumn I move around a bit and I’m sick of something, my middle-aged brother does computer stuff for me. with hope a lot of help i canWell do it yourself. But I think you need to learn quickly. DVD drive

If the disc shoe won’t read, I just need to buy a new DVD drive immediately. I hope it’s not my computer that gets attacked. I’m planning on buying a new one when I’m sure I have the money, so most won’t matter much :O. Does it work? Mistakes? Thank you very much!


Part of most operating systems. If you uninstall the main operating system, remove the drivers, install and select possibly the (base) drivers. if your p.s. Since the DVD is loaded into the main disk, then everything is ok. Unless when or you won’t need to buy a new one wisely as the Daemon tools didn’t mess around with it (I’m certainly not entirely sure it also messed up the OS drivers, but it’s at least possible).

Also, if the router is not from Webbernets on your computer, you can destroy the router by simply reinstalling the OS, but will anyone respectfully do this?any other reason?


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Sometimes you’re an idiot or just got a virus.

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Related: Can’t help because I don’t know what it is now Daemon Tool Tools.


Daemon Tools is an image mounting utility that helps you mount DVD images to your hard drive so that a motion DVD can be played as a DVD using the engine.

It is carried out in the media mainly on the “closed sea”. Demon

Anyway, nothing will disturb the outside of the machine, unless you watered it incorrectly. Or you will get a permanently virus-infected version.

My best bet is to use the trainers with a Linux USB distro (use Ab!) and first try to fix the following myself by copying the appropriate drivers of course if you know what he wants.

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Hard drive only, because if your DVD drive does not include the drive you are installing, you may need to purchase a new mobo for each DVD drive.

There was a situation, the player could not read the boot file. I think bad timing. The Post really doesn’t have the money for

30 about dollars.


It’s just a hard drive, and if your DVD drive doesn’t recognize the installation disc, you might have to buy a new mobo or DVD drive. Was present

At the time it is. The drive was unable to read a hot disk from the shoe. I think bad timing. I have actionfor money, no to earn more than 30 dollars