Do not panic! How to Fix 5 Common Computer Crashes

Companies should expect computer kits Desktop Crowd fail at some point, unless what appears to be hardware damage is in fact a minor malfunction followed by hardware misconfiguration. If a working workstation monitor shows a garbled video card, the problem could be with the settings, the display, or the person connected to the video card, and there could be bugs that would normally interfere with the computer. /p>

Inspect and monitor each of our power cables to make sure they are not damaged and make sure the cables are still properly connected.

Press the reset button on the monitor or open the main menu and select the convenient option to restore the default settings. The exact menu setting varies by manufacturer; Check the documentation for your article.

Permission, then drag the slider to the recommended view. If there is no such parameter in the market, move the slider to the parameter available later.

Click Apply. Click “Yes” when it disappears; Just garble “No” and repeat the step above.


¬ęStart | Control panel | System and security | Device Manager” if you cannot change the screen resolution.

common manufacturer name and new device model down. Select the “Driver” tab.

Click the Delete button. Follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall the driver software.

Restart your computer to reinstall the original graphics card software. If the problem persists, visit the graphics card manufacturer’s website.

How do I make my desktop less cluttered?

Choose a simple background image. Personal art is a popular backdrop, but whenever you put folders and icons on top, you can’t see the image, Friel says.
Strictly store temporary things.
Use display screen organizing software.
Automate your ranking.
Create a series of tables.

Search related to your product model. Choose your operating system and system, and then download the many latest drivers.

Run the EXE file when the file download is complete to update the driver to the latest version.

Restart your computer to complete the setup. If a problemIt still hasn’t been fixed, this may be a hardware issue that unfortunately needs to be fixed. Contact the reviewer for help.

Your computer isn’t as important to you as your smartphone, but it’s probably a damn important key. Therefore, it is quite understandable that when you are running after a PC emergency such as a broken screen, accidentally deleted important file or virus, the first reaction is to freeze and therefore panic. But seeing panic is counterproductive, time is often so important.

Don’t worry. While you can contact 9-1-1, here’s what you can do to resolve five common computer emergencies.

Laptop Screen Broken

Why is my computer screen enlarged?

If your desktop images are larger than usual, the problem is most likely with your Windows scaling settings. Specifically, Windows Magnifier is always on. When Magnifier is set to full screen as the entire screen is magnified. Your main system is most likely using this mode when the desktop is maximized.

A few months ago I was working on my MacBook Air with my French bulldog Blanca. For some inexplicable reason, Blanca suddenly decided that he needed to sit on my lap, so he ran towards me – and ended up on the screen of my laptop. A laptop with a screen can never match a 27-pound Frenchie, so of course my screen was taken as toast.

Turner Bruce via Flickr/Creative Commons

First, make sure that only your laptop’s screen is damaged, and not something more important (as is usually the case with a video card). If your screen is visibly damaged or just cracked occasionally, continue using this PC as normal to check if you have any other problems.

If there is no functional damage, but the screen looks strange, you can try connecting an external monitor to the laptop. To do this, you will need an output field (HDMI, mini-HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort or dvi, VGA) and an external monitor or TV and, if necessary, an appropriate cable. Some laptops may have an external display mode that must be enabled, almost always by the function keys. If the output from this laptop looks fine on someone’s external display, you probably have a very serious display problem and nothing serious.

Repair. There are rumors about a broken screen that most of the time it doesn’t need to be fixed right away. If your screen has a crack on the side, you can continueuse your laptop normally, although it’s almost certainly a good idea to not move it, close it, or work on it while on the road, as pressure will be put on it. You see that the screen can cause a crack when you need to enlarge. If you have an external monitor handy, you can use your laptop as a desktop computer for now.

Connect your laptop to an external analyzer to make sure the screen is broken, not deeper.

If you want to have your screen repaired, you have two options: you can either do it yourself or go to a third-party repair shop (or the actual case where you purchased an extended accidental damage warranty). Do-it-yourself repair of a simple laptop touch screen is easier than you might think, but if you have a specialized laptop such as an Ultrabook, a large 2-in-1 laptop, or a MacBook, it’s best to call in a professional. Ultra-thin screens, such as on ultrabooks and MacBook Air, replaceespecially difficult, and sometimes not worth it.

Reading help: How to fix a broken laptop screen yourself

Remove A Highly Recommended File

There are two types of “important” information files: those that are important to help you, such as your teen’s high school graduation photos, and those that are especially important for certain computers, such as system. I hope you’re not used to digging into the root version of your PC and deleting files indiscriminately, but sometimes core files can get deleted due to system crashes, overzealous malware, and anti-virus programs messing with them.

First of all, if you accidentally click to delete an important photo or document, don’t panic. First, see if you can find it – open Windows Explorer and enter the filename in the search field at the top right. Perhaps you didn’t completely delete the at-file, but accidentally moved it to a different directory.

How do I fix my enlarged computer screen?

Right-click on an empty spot on the desktop and find “Screen Resolution” from the menu.
Click the Resolution combo box and select the resolution supported by your monitor.
Click Apply. The screen flickers when the computer switches to a different resolution.
Click Save Changes, then just click OK.

If the search doesn’t work, opengo to the last recycle bin on your desktop and find the current file. If there are a lot of files in the Recycle Bin, right-click in the window, hover over Sort By, and click Date Deleted. Recently deleted files are displayed at the top of the shared window.

If that doesn’t work, try a file recovery tool like the excellent Recuva to recover the messed up data. (Recuva is on pcworld’s list of 22 free programs a new PC needs. Yours)

If the app is not in the Trash and Recuva can’t find it, you may be able to restore it from a backup without any problems. Windows Power creates “previous versions” of files automatically, but in Windows 8, your organization must manually switch to the File History feature for this to happen. In Windows 7, open Windows and find the folder containing the file. Right-click the folder and select Restore Previous. You will see the actual list of folder backups prior to the modified expiration date. Click on a backup made before you remember you moved the file to the Trash, and click Restore…

How do I get my desktop screen back to normal?

Click the Action Center icon, located in the most convenient corner of the taskbar on the left side of the full date and time display.
In the window, click on the “Tablet Mode” option.
Be sure to close the window and check the effectiveness of the swing.