How To Fix A Computer Ping Chronicle

Game Settings

Before experimenting with LAN, check the optimal conditions for your game.

Shadow: low so you are high (never use max as it consumes a lot of your entire GPU and can cause slowdowns)

Windows Display: Fullscreen recommended (but you can use borderless. If you don’t have borders, you will probably be limited Ping Chronicle Windows viewing resolution)

“V-sync will add a lot of input lag, but frame clipping could be said to be much more subtle. Essentially turn off v-sync, but limit the number of frames”

Nvidia Graphics Settings

What happens when Ping time is too high?

If the ping time is really too long, it can cause serious connection problems on your device. In fact, high ping times are one of the most common conditions faced by most online gamers. Since online games are usually played in real time, high ping often causes terrible lag while playing.

This is what I use because the game is in Nvidia’s animation settings.

Frame rate limit for : title 30 fps (important to continue to have good and stable frame times)

Limit Frame Rate To 30fps When Playing Online

Unofficial 60fps mods are not synced and work online.

So your only option is to go straight to 30fps, but you want a stable 40fps with good decay time.

You can download MSI and Afterburner RivaTuner to get a good overview of frame times, fps and input lag.

More guides for managing MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner:

Note. Different NVIDIA driver fps coverage and RTSS cap affect latency in games.

Additional Refresh Rate Selection

Improve your own LAN - the network is unremarkable! image 46

“Some misconceptions about vsync and gsync don’t mention why it works here, but might not withwork for you if you try to do the same:

First gsync vsync off is intended to provide a smoother experience when people cannot render at the monitor’s refresh rate. It doesn’t aim to keep 60fps, and in this scenario it really helps because the monitor will most likely run at 144Hz.

Vsync means vertical sync. Your monitor, of course, always changes its refresh rate from top to bottom (vertically). Vsync waits for the drawing to start over before making plans. That’s the usual 1/60th of a second at any 60Hz refresh rate, and if you miss that boat due to moving too long to draw, you’ll have to wait 2/60th of a second for the next singles from continuing to work on the update. like 30 fps. This means that your 60Hz monitor can only output a signal at a constant rate of 60, 30, 20, 15, etc. inches per second

vsync co means it doesn’t wait for this period of time, but just jumps to the next frame when loading with the mouse, leaving the screene gap. G-Sync means it updates on demand, only fixing phone screen tearing, but increases actual latency (compared to no Vsync) because it still has to wait for the superframe to finish drawing.

Now at 144Hz, it will really hurt if you try to run at 60fps. Indeed, View Your always has a sync time of 1/144 second. If this item cannot display 144Hz, the next one can display 72Hz and then 48Hz. Please note that none of these items support 60Hz. Frames are generated for 2 or 3 updates, which makes you feel jerky. Just set your monitor to 60Hz and fix it as a problem.

Performance Mode

“In the Manage 3D Settings section of the Nvidia Control Panel, you can set up your own power management for maximum performance. This will prevent your GPU’s clock speed from jumping and causing FPS instability. hotter GPU temperature.

In version 10, Windows will look for the “Choose a power plan” option. Selecting “High Performance” will keep your CPU’s clock speed constant, its own maximum Turbo Boost 2.0 clock speed, for as long as your system can handle the load. For board games that come with a $20-$30 replacement cooler, that’s a no-brainer too. Most laptops still don’t have that many.”

Optimize Windows 10

Avoid Crashes And Crashes

Reset Network Adapter

ipconfig /registerdns => reload all DHCP leases and buy DNS names again

ipconfig /renew => negotiate an IP lease with the DHCP server on your router.

netsh winsock recast => recover your computer from many socket errors every time you download an unknown file instead of resetting your TV card

“netsh int ip reset is an instruction in Windows to reset TCP/IP. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Reduce Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is a type of protocol used to communicate with other computers. If TCP/IP is down, you cannot surf the web even though your computer canTo ping new IP addresses and someone can’t surf the web, reset TCP/IP with the above command.

netsh winsock Adjust is a command that Windows can use to fix just about any socket error that occurs when your website downloads an unknown file or runs a malicious script on a specific computer.

Winsock settings contain the theme of your computer for connecting to the Internet. Winsock errors can potentially appear when settings are corrupted, usually due to spyware or web browser hijacking. If you’re having trouble opening websites, it might end up being corrupted Winsock settings. “

Wired LAN Preferred

Use a wired Wi-Fi Ethernet LAN connection instead, as you may lose some packets due to interference.

In particular, you should check the difference with one large bandwidth loss in post bandwidth when using a Wi-Fi connection.

To reduce input lag, it’s best to connect a controller tootherwise, use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to avoid interference.

Add An Exception For The Game Folder

In Windows, it works for the adversary, but you need to find a process for another antivirus:

Allow Game Application In Firewall

Port Forwarding For Demon Slayer

Change Your Preferred DNS

You can try using Google DNS to resolve nameservers.

You can also use Cloudfare’s DNS servers, many of which are faster than Google’s dynamic name service:

Resource Monitor

How to check game ping using Task Manager in Windows 10

Check Your Baud Rate

Improve your LAN - network is not a miracle! image 105

Open your browser and use Google to access the “Google Speed ​​Test”.

Click “Speed ​​Test” to find out your download speed, upload speed and ping from one convenient location nearby.

Check Your Ping

Latency is due to several factors. Multiple packet loss between you and your familyVerom can sometimes cause the game to freeze because some packets are not supposed to conform to TCP (protocol).

First, you need to ping to check for packet loss on your local network.

What’s important to determine if you don’t have a small loss of state in the first three slots:

1 – your device (computer) to your router (ipconfig and use the current default gateway for the next target, router or other method to connect to your computer)

3 – Your modem for the first innovator in your city