Playing AVI files on Xbox 360


I’ll put a working video on my best USB, and sometimes my 360 can report an error code of “80-C00DF242”. I read everything on the web and easily converted to other AVI files. But the file I am trying is AVI. happens. This is when you may need to play 7 out of 4 media. Maybe

How to solve the problem? as I understand it, this is somehow related to codecs.Alt=””

I haven’t tried to play trusted movie on my 360 game console in years, but I remember how: AVI is inherently a feature-rich container format, so use it to make sure all video and audio streams are in an Xbox-supported format 3. I can support.

The reason you still get so many recommendations for whole file conversions is because AVI is just a dice game that always plays something like MP4.

Each playlist you upload is recorded as an avi and edited usingWith different methods and different software plugins, some of them may use newer codecs, others will almost certainly use older ones, it doesn’t really take much thinking when you upload a file with a supercomputer. , you can use VLC programs to see exactly the same file. It will show you which codec it is using when you see which ones work best for it and which ones are probably generally different.-

convert avc Mp4 to or wmv. Avi can be one of many codecs. Or, if you’re developing a decent PC, try just about any transcoder like Plex or Tversity, but the problem will be solved for just about any other device on the network.

id dsi uses a media server because this method has special parameters to generate 360 ​​for better quality.

Make sure

Make sure you’re logged in. “I have xbl, had trouble playing codecs offline”.

Hello, I’m really a newbie, a special me. I got xbmc todayI.I can only stream .mp4 video sensitively. But whenever I upload documentation in AVI format, I get a fantastic error “80-C00DF242”

and “This content cannot be played because it contains audio or, for YouTube videos, an unsupported codec”

But I went to the Xbox website and everyone and at home says that it does indeed identify AVI files. how can’t use avi now that it’s 2011?

Xbox 360 has a very limited media base, only MPEG-4 ASP is supported in AVI containers with mp3 or AC3 audio, if your AVI files don’t have codecs they won’t play at 360. /p>

The launcher may contain several categories of codecs, and you may need to play a 360 AVI file in order to install the MPEG-4 ASP plugin.

Finally, if you’re just looking for a UPnP server, you’ll want to use something like Car serviio, it includes a transcoder that plays 360 degree file types that aren’t normally supported.

Especially for you, do you know about several other upnp server programs, towhich broadcast to xbox 360, 360 which automatically play long transcoding time? Like TVersity.

and the reason I have to look for an automatic transcoder like TVersity (windows only) maybe it removes and makes the video easier to watch instead of waiting to transcode it into a playable file it might take 20-40 minutes.

Xbox 360 Won’t Play AVI Files?

I’m uploading a new AVI video to a USB drive and sometimes the 360° report shows the error code “80-C00DF242”. Everything I read on the Internet is just converting additional files to AVI. But the database I am trying to read is AVI. What happens is maybe 4 are related to 7 of all the videos I successfully try to play. How can I fix this? I know it has something to do with test codecs. .Many thanks! .Xbox .

Can .play Play .360 AVI Files? .C .

..avi files are container folders in which media can store video/audio combined with streaming data. In most cases, it is usedUsed for MPEG-4 ASP online video content with the MP3 or AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio and video codecs that were once used to create most of the videos you’ll find on the web Divx and Xvid, both of which are known for providing competitive DVD quality at very modest file sizes, making them popular for video sharing.

The Fall 2007 Xbox 360 Device System Media Update added support for Divx and Xvid video, which also means major Xbox 360 consoles will be able to directly play Divx AVI files or support Xvid video. However, if there are other incompatible codecs in the AVI information container, 360 xbox will definitely not be able to open those files.

Convert AVI With Unsupported Codec For Xbox 360

Before playing AVI files on Xbox 360, you can use a free media analysis tool called AVICodec to find out what codec your AVI file contains if it contains incompatible codecs (except Divx and Xvid ), you need to complete the important process of converting AVI to Xbox 360 afterwards.vii. There is a simple handy mix Pavtube called Video Converter that helps convert AVI music encoded with various video and audio codecs to the best AVI file format for playing on Xbox 360. Convert with options: more

File: Extension .avi, .divx
avi video profiles: MPEG-4 2, part of simple and extended simple profile
Video bit rate: 5.megabits per second (Mbps) at 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frames per second (fps)
Audio profiles: Guide Dolby Channel digital 2 and 5.1, MP3
Lazy Audio Bitrate: Unlimited

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To get Xbox 3 supported files with the compatible video/audio clients listed above, you can open the large “Create Settings” window to set the video/audio codec, video resolution/bitrate, images/audio channel binary. Mac

Pro users can use Pavtube Video Converter mac to convert AVI when playing Mac OS X Capitan el on Xbox 360.

How To Change AVI Codecom Incompatible With Xbox

Step 360? 1: Load the recording data into the avi program.
Start processing on your computer, in the important interface, click “File” > “Add”, “Add Video/Audio” from or Folder” to load unsupported AVI data into the program. You can also drag and drop files directly into the main window of the corresponding program.

Step 2. Select the most supported codecs for aus Xbox 360. “Format”
Click on the select panel, part of “Best supported MPEG 4 codec for Xbox 360” in the drop-down list of options “General for “MPEG-2 video” > “Video (*. for mpeg)”, select the output file format.

Set performance profile options. Click “Settings” in the large interface to open the “Profile Settings” window, and adjust the output video resolution, bit rate, period frequency and audio codec, as well as the buffering rate in your preferred Xbox 360 configuration.