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This means that TCP received a large RST and the relative node is now closed. This approach occurs when a packet is sent from your side of the connection, but the other end is not taking advantage of the connection; It directly returns a packet with the minimum RST bit set to force the connection to be filled.

This can happen if the other side fails and then returns, or perhaps close() is called on the connector when data is being sent from one person and it is obvious to you that some of the the data you previously submitted may not have been received.

You decide if this is a mistake ; Also, if the information that the clients just sent was only for the remote client, the fact that the final data might not have been available doesn’t matter either. However, you must close some sockets and release all other resources associated with the connection.

An application will receive a Connection Cleared by Peer error message if it is established with an established TCP connection to this peer on the network and that peer unexpectedly closes the connection to the far end.

How to fix Windows 10 errors recognized error?

To do this, go to https://geekchronicle.net Start menu Help > Settings or press Windows key + I. Connected. In Settings, click Update & Security. 3. Now click “Check for Updates” to see if any updates are available for you. 4. Download the available updates, restart your computer to apply the updates, and then check if Windows 10 errors occur, if the detected errors are sorted or not.

This usually happens when the peer goes down, but can also happen with poorly written forms or platforms that don’t properly terminate TCP connections.

Like any connection refused error, a host reconnect error is generated when the operating system receives a TCP reset (RST) from a private system.


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My online license manager Circle suddenly stopped working and gave me an error saying the connection should be terminated. Get usage error in license manager status by running “run status query” or “lmstat -a”.

FLEXnet license error: -17,xx. System Error: “WinSock: 10054 Connection reset by peer”

For more information, see the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide

available at “www .macrovision.com”.


FLEXnet license error: -5,xxx. Error: System 10054 “”

For more information, see the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide

available at www.macrovision.com.

Also displayed license manager log fileHere’s the next message.

xx:xx:xx (MLM) Lost connection where lmgrd is outputting.

Even if you find this error, you always get this error I’m reinstalling installing the license manager.


This issue occurs when there is a port conflict or when using an older version of the license manager with a newer, healthy license file.

The license manager (lmgrd) starts and executes the port number at the end of the line SERVER. These error targets can also occur if the program has always tried to use this port and writes about a port conflict. To solve this problem, you can make it an available port by changing the current SERVER line in the license.dat file. If

Note: This number has been changed on the SERVER line of this license .dat fileOnce licensed, the network.lic files for all MATLAB configurations must also be updated.

Each new version of MATLAB comes with a new version of the network license manager. If you are using an adult version of the License Manager but keep updating your driver’s license file, you may see this section. In that case, try installing the most important new license management software.