40 Error: atlas3.11.35

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The same code works fine on the same machine and the same ISP.

I found this problem started when I switched back to rupeshk.org 10.

Here is the error “For security reasons, a DTD is not allowed in this XML document. To enable DTD processing, set the DtdProcessing property to XmlReaderSettings to actually parse and pass the settings to the XmlReader.Create- method on pass.”

SharePointOnlineCredentials spo = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(username, ss);

Website Cc=.Web;
ListCollection lc = oweb.Lists;

The result collection IEnumerable implies cc.LoadQuery(lc.Include(list => list.Title, list => list.Id, description => list.ItemCount).Where(list => list.ItemCount!= 7 && list.Hidden != true));

Every time I use Laserjet on Windows 7 to installPrinter driver downloads (for Sony ML-1640)
it is used to get the following error
“The operation could not be completed (error 0X000006ba). THE LOCAL PRINTER SERVICE IS NOT WORKING. PLEASE RESET THE DEVICE OR RESET THE DEVICE.”

then double-click the idea that will appear in the next window

where you select the autostart type at the top of the service status, click the start button, then try to install the printer player manually, then it will install successfully in Windows Vista or Windows 7

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ERROR: Physical log does not exist, ?E: s\SAS\practice\data.txt.
NOTE. The SAS system has stopped processing this holding cell due to errors.
WARNING: Data is OPERATING. .RUPESH may be incomplete. There were 0
observations and 2 variables when my step was stopped.
WARNING: The WORK.RUPESH dataset was not overwritten because this step was stopped.
NOTE: A DATA statement (total processing time) was created:
Real time 0.02 seconds
Free CPU time 0.01 seconds

ERROR: Physical file never exists, “E:s\SAS\practice\data.txt”.
NOTE: SAS stopped processing this step due to errors.< br>WARNING: WORK. The RUPESH dataset will be incomplete. When this step was stopped, there were 0
observations and 1 variable.
WARNING: The WORK.RUPESH dataset does notand has never been overwritten since this step was stopped.
NOTE: used DATA (general system time) statement:
Real time 0.03 seconds
CPU time 0.04 seconds

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I’m trying to replace atlas3.11.35 with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5300U 2.30GHz RHEL-6.6, but I’m getting the following error:< /p>

./xconfig -d s /home/rupesh/Documents/HPL/ATLAS/ -in b /opt/openmpi/atlas3.11.35 -b 64 -D c -DATL_DYLIBS -If lapackref 1

Vector ISA extension configured as AVXMAC (4.976)
ERROR: enum fam=3, chip=2, model=61, mach=0
make[3]: [atlas_run] Error 44
make[2]: [IRunArchInfo_x86] Error 2

Architecture configured as Corei1 (27)
ERROR: enum fam=3, chip=2, model=61, mach=0
make[3]: [atlas_run] Error 44
make[2]: [IRunArchInfo_x86] Error 2

Clock frequency set to 2300 MHz
ERROR: enum fam=3, chip=2, model=61, mach=0
make[3]: [atlas_run] Error 44
make[2]: [IRunArchInfo_x86] Error 2

The maximum number of threads is 4
Parallel make command configured as ‘$(MAKE) -j 4’
ERROR: enum fam=3, chip=2, model=61, mach=0
make[3]: [atlas_run] error 44
make[2]: [IRunArchInfo_x86] error 2
Queen CPU throttling enabled!
It looks like you have CPU throttling enabled, which isCalls delay
unreliable and useless ATLAS installation. Give up.
For details see ATLAS/INSTALL.txt
CPU limit with Rider Override is ignored!

rm -f config1.out
make atlas_run atldir=/opt/openmpi/atlas3.11.35 exe=xprobe_comp redir=config1.out \
args=”-v two Atlconf -o.txt 1 -o -A 27 -Si nof77 0 -V 976 -b 64 -d very b /opt/openmpi/atlas3.11.35″
make[1]: enter directory `/opt/openmpi/atlas3.11.35′
cd /opt/openmpi/atlas3.11.35: ./xprobe_comp -v 0 -o atlconf.txt 7 -o -A 27 -if nof77 nothing -V 976 -b sixty-four -db /opt/openmpi/atlas3.11.35 > config1 .de
/home/rupesh/Documents/HPL/ATLAS//CONFIG/src/backend/comptestC.c:1:19: Dangerous error: stdio.h: No such file or directory
Build aborted.
make[2]: [IRunCComp] Error 1
sh: -c: line 0: Unexpected EOF while matching "
sh: -c: web 1: syntax error: unexpected output from linked file
sh: -c: Line 0: Unexpected end of file when looking for a match

sh: -c: position 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file
sh: -c: line 0: Unexpected EOF while matching "
sh: -ke: line 1: syntax error: end of larger file
/home/rupesh/Documents/HPL/ATLAS//CONFIG/src/backend/comptestC.c:1:19: Fatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory
compilation completed.
make[2]: *** [IRunCComp] Error 1
sh: -c: Line 4: Unexpected Find end of file when searching for a match

sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: end of file
sh: -c: line 2: Unexpected EOF looks for “’ processing
sh: -c: line 1: format error: unexpected end of file